Thursday, May 19, 2011

friendship proved.'re priceless!you touch my lung,my bone,my kidney,my heart...
i need to memorised this moment,this is so truely touched

as u said:
i noe i wnt hav the power to stop u if u reli wanna XXX, but since u talk to me, i gues u dun reli wanna get into XXX
[11:28:08 PM] Jean Wong: talking bout caring, not hate
[11:28:21 PM] Jean Wong: no matter hw u change u stil our princess u noe?
[11:28:29 PM] Jean Wong: even though u reli XXX
[11:28:34 PM] Jean Wong: v stil love u

am i too greedy?
once again my life make me thought of many thing.A friend of mine told me that i doesnt have to worry about friendship,relationship and everything.
Yea...its true,i have everything...
it's been very long time i didn't hav a sweet dream....a dream that i can built my wonderful life...
something had change,and it always change but im still standing at the same place.
i wanna ask,when can i step foward and be the one who can deside my life?

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