Wednesday, September 30, 2009

b's b'day vs $ friendship

today is my dearest B birthday!
haha....its also my ponteng day!
its consider a rushing day,
last night,i cleaning my room start from 2a.m.,i change bedcase,mop floor,and also cleaning dust!
after that,i started to clean up my 'hair'on my face,eyebrow,and beard!
its so tired because i done everything until5.30 a.m.
i wake up in 12.30 p.m. and started to clean toilet!
1.00p.m.i have to fetch my mum to my dad's restaurant,beside that i also date B and some friends for celebrate B's birthday!i drive my car as just like wanna fly!on the road to my dad's restaurant!suddenly mum inform me that i have to acc her to do something!but im rushing back to my friend!finally im getting mad!so angry me,but i didnt drive faster!hehe
luckily,when i arrived,i just need to sign a paper only!later,i fly back to my friend!
we went to jusco!
thn go eat chilli pan mee
thn we rush to b's house to buy dinner for her family!and also fetch a friend to go jusco again!
this time we watch movie!'where got ghost'
not funny at all,but very very scarry lo!
i hate horror movie.....and my lover is not beside me also!
oow....after movie,we go eat cake's at secret recipe
we sing song for B! swt!
i brought her a dress,an pink earing,and i made a b's phone chain for her!
oow......and i started to think...
so bad thinking!is i think i spent too many money on her!phone call fees and i just help her so much!at last she still wanna count very clear from me!quite dislike this feeling!
all is about money!now is i started confuse that,izzit all my best friend is needed to use money to change!no pay no friendship!
desperate ,this started to make me feel hesitate to pay for my friend!
but they will accompany me when im really sad!
does it worth?
this is a question.........................................................................

Monday, September 14, 2009

a good day!thanks god!

when the exam start,i start too,i started to sleep

2and a half hour to go!

ow...and at the last half an hour,i wake up and do something!

at least today im feeling good!

after school,my heart ready to be anxious,waiting for a call,a date!

haha...but at last i just went to jusco and buy some necessary

i drive my dad's bmw!oww...its so comfortable!love it

exam without ready again!slp early better luu...gud nit and

love everyone who care about me!

wishes:i want to be very obvious in crowded everyday!just like henna
and i like this guy! man!hope i can be the prince in the drama!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

all the memory i had step on


travel to dirty sexy money love city with a red car

KL city. view from jelatek
its going to be late
i have to went back home but i don't
its just so painful in my heart
i dont want to go back home and live my unchanged life
so moody and i feeling want to go to the town
i want live in the city
shut up and drive to kl
ow,there's not a easy road to go
trafic jam at chaokit and when i reach thr i just regret that
i can walk another road what!!!
then i were lost
and my hp has no battery,cant call...oh godsh
i just simply turn to a dark road!suddenly i went to a huge malay kampung
i keep on turn and turn and i cant go out to the road!my heart beat non stop!
finally i found the road!

when i arrived to pavilion,its just feels not as good as i expect it!i feel more complicated
i saw a guy who chase me before,he walking with a tall guy and i felt the guy is more good looking than me!erm....quite hurt!so fast ........u know?just so fast....
tears drop when im driving!
becoz of trafic jam? the loneliness
want to date a friend to acc me...but the hp cant start
petrol going to be empty
haiz...its time to go back to my place
haiz.......jam again!i look at the mng latest lookbook,so nice!i read the celebrities profile
sing with loud voice and just like a stupid
stupid ,but i enjoy that!cause its my dream before i can drive
do i love him?or i just love the loving moment?
i cant be alone,i need a hand to catch my 0'c hand
so hug me!

Friday, September 11, 2009

take off yourself from me

try to forget a people is just a concentrated coffee...espresso

remind the happy moment everynight,cauz you know it will never come back!

smells of the coffee bean is just appear at the right moment,right temperature

once it takes some time,it just a coffee water

dilute it with milk or anything you like,it can change to many fravour!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

hou bad啊婆婆

so bad
so uncomfortable
so stressful
so painful
so sad
so panic

so?facing those problem in 1 time

how o....

got exam de leh!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

if i can choose,can i go back to my simple life?

friend with no hurt

love with myself

smile always

everyone love me...


.........................................................................just dissapear so suddenly

连婆都no eye see aar

Sunday, September 6, 2009

for my only DE...AR

your b'day is coming soon le wor!
it means that we have been together for 1 year edy luu...
although there's some problem happened between you and me!but i still love you very much!
i always try to be the special and memorable person in your life,but im not sure that im the most important person for you.
but you are the one that i love the most
i call you as dear,
dear,now is the new situation,i would like to be the one who care about you and protect you!
i hope i can do that,when you are stress,i try my best to make you relax,
it's not work,i started to be no word when talking to you!
i dont know you
and i felt sad,useless
you are the discusting human in the world,bitch!
when i first met you,i quite hate you,cause you are so bother
oh godsh,i started to felt that you are so cute,and so man
we,just like sugar met with lollipop! sweet
i love that i kiss you when you are driving
we love to compare to each other,
we compare our appearance,bodyshape,hairstyle,dressup,attractivity!
godsh,i still have confidence to make you fall for me de lo!
everything different from the biginning of us!
now,i hope you can more relax,u r a workaholic!
stay love forever me la!hehe,,,
be happy la..

Friday, September 4, 2009


朋友 我当你一秒朋友
朋友 我当你一世朋友


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

restart the l.*.v.*

love-heart-cloud.jpg image by nurnadrah
many things i just keep it as secret!

because i am scared,its just happen for a while and leave me again

i very appreciate the hapiness that i had

sometimes im thinking of you,i smile

and i keep it in my heart

sweet sweet sweet

no sharing,nor my sissy way will present on your eyes

the one i really love

i really love the one

no matter how hard to stay,i try

hurt just the feeling when i think too much!thats my excuses

hey,seems that just like the begining of us,but lost some of the true,a new lover!

kiss you in the movie,i am shy!when you close to me,i will anxious

just a short meet,it has fulfilled my dream for thousand of hour!

badly that im not in perfect to attract you!

the pimples on my face just change to digi line..............i will follow you...........

oh godsh,its just the right time!joke of mine

can you tell me that you love me and i can stay beside you?

im just a stupid that just fall in to you