Monday, July 25, 2011

NO fairt tales

Ha.....i used to thought that you are the only one in my world!
but i think that you are no longer suitable for me!

you made me disappointed on you,you didn't show up while you're dated me!and you just simply said you're not coming!who the hell are you,you thought you really controlling my whole body?.....maybe in the pass...but not for now!you make me feel like you are so damn disgusting!

ha...but i wanna thanks to you,coz you make me understand that my life can't live like a fairy tales.And thanks for what you've did to hurt me and make me understand,i don't wanna have this kind of love!......

in my single life moments

i'll do my best to make myself proud of myself.
thanks for the friends and family who always praising me.But i dont think i supposed to have it!
even myself also cant convince myself to feel that im good!
this is the reason what i live for...

live to be a better me.