Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009


"you make me become a cappuccino
but then you said you wanna latte!"

i am preparing to explode the best smell to you

but you don't care

i'm ignored

not just 1 time,my life is just like recycle

again again again again and again

Sunday, December 13, 2009

WAItime scheduleBUSY

ow fine!everything change!
i am so duno what to do
i feel like so so so complicated
everyone seems like want me to be their teksi
i am so blur...
am i right?
or i am selfish?

whatever...at least i have my benefit
enjoy my holiday life ba kelvin!!!

(today)14dec-last spm"baby im going to be a orange,i roar the orange"
15dec-wenxin(sg.wang)morning till nit shopping day!roar........i want sales
17dec- 5 mulia shopping day(mid.v)i am not so sure whether there got their cloth or not!but i try my best to help them...and also learn to choose suit cloth for a person,my future job!

albee schedule cancel!wish her can get license so so soon!kambade
you cut off our shopping day.....owe me!!!!!!!!
1 night clubbing

i am so so mad
duno for what!!!im done here.......x.o.x.o

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


2 paper more,one week more i am going to graduate from my high school,smk.kepong

good bye,hell!i wanna leave you forever.......................

hehe.......i am ready for my new notty notty adventure

come on baby...................................................................................................

and also started to concern about my future

i am so so passion about fashion since i am in form 1,
i wanted to study fashion design
and after my spm i will go to raffles design institude to ask about the course and the""""FEES"""
i heard that raff is one of the highest payment college in kl!
am i going to sell my body to pay for the fees?

my dad and my mum desided to go either thailand or vietnam!
not sure yet!yeer....they are going to have a old style vacation which is follow by a tourist!
boring..........go see the antique or duno wat thing la!
but i am quite exited because we've never go travel together since i am 6years old!!!
don't care about that la,i just wanna relax and enjoy the gethering feel!

teresa-15dec, sgwang shopping and cut off her stupid hair
kelvin kwan-hang out
albee-crazy do noncense when i am free
mummy-24dec,celebrate x'mas at mid'v!sweet and it is my traditional
thats my friend's appointment
available for those who want to hang out with me[contact me for booking]

kelv's plan:
*i wanna clean up my books and redecorate my room
*i wanna dye my hair(orange,yama,light brown)
*i wanna clubbing or just go to a pub
*i wanna go genting(i've missed the graduation trip with my classmate)i am so sad with that(is your fault, leong)
*i wanna sick,i think i need to rest so so much!
*i wanna work,but i am too busy(december is my x'mas month,i want to enjoy it)(january free only)(february is chinese new year and valentine's day)(march,my birthday month,i want to celebrate the whole month)(june,i think i need to continue my study)where is the time for me to work????i need money$$$$$$$$$$$$
*i wanna work out my body and hope can be a model(modelling agency,please contact me)haha...
*i wanna go bangkok for my new clothes,i wanna shopping thr and wrap all the clothes thr
*i wanna have a relationship.....haiz,am i ready for love?where is my mr right?so so alone

Thursday, December 3, 2009

x' l o v e mas

ring ring ring....

season of happiness,sweet and warm

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

just remember what you've give

couldn't remember how many other people gave you

lost yourself when you fell to some1

if you still yourself,do you really have love?

it seems like exchange your soul and it makes friend unbearable

i got enough but i still have demands

good or bad!its depend!

fight for your life,appreciate the air its given to you

thinking too much means i have a lots of idea,i am creator


ok...i am waiting

the right 1

to tell me the 3 words 8 letter

sorry my friend!!!!!!!!!bff ya